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Grades 3-4-5

Note: this page, written in 2008, is very similar to this page, and this one.  We have archived it, as the other pages are much more recent (written in 2011).

Gimel- Dalet-Hay
Grade 3-4-5

Hebrew Reading and Language: Textbook/Workbook  according to Level of fluency:      Hineni Volume 1,2, 3 
Daber Ivrit:   Speak Hebrew!

The class is divided into small groups based on proficiency and developmental appropriateness. Unit themes are designed to be relevant such as school environment, family, home, things we do in the home, Holiday and Israel. 

Bible: Extracts from Parashat Hashavuah (weekly Torah portion) using English and Hebrew texts.
Excerpts from “Torah Tunes 1” and “Sedra Scenes” *An indepth project on a chosen biblical period and its relevancy today.


Holidays and Customs: A historical and religious approach to all Holidays and customs. Jewish History, Morality, and Values.

Texts: Melton Curriculum Level Dalet 

A study of our history, religious beliefs, ritual” halachah” and tradition to help understand the many facets of Jewish life.

Textbook: Basic Judaism for Young People  Volume 2 : Israel

Tfillot/Prayer : All Grades gather in the Synagogue chapel for Tfillah and participate in the Service. Specific Tfillot will be highlighted in the Sunday session with musical accompaniment.

Shma* Ve’Ahavta* Amidah* Ashre* Mincha Service* Erev Shabbat Tfillot*


Tzedakah: *Service project to be decided by students and teacher

Israel: The History of Modern Israeli History from 1948-Present

Music: The World of Jewish Music will be explored with Harriet Frost