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Grades 1 - old page

- note: this page is very similar to this one. which was written a year later and now replaces it.

KITAH  ALEPH   Grade 1

Hebrew Language
Mastery and recognition of Aleph Bet
Dialogues: developing sentences to practice in circle time

Hebrew Language Resources
Shalom U'Vracha Primer and Workbook
Vocabulary: 10 words from Siddur, 10 words from Ethical Values

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukah, Tu B'Shvat, Purim, Pesach

Each holiday is taught addressing the ethical values of honoring parents, sacred time, sacred space, and friendship.

Holiday Resources
The Melton Graded Curriculum Series, Level Aleph and "Let's Celebrate"

Core Ethical Values
Shalom, Klal Yisrael (Community of Israel), Kibud Av Ve'Em (Honoring parents)

Sefer Shmot - 10 biblical stories learned through the themes of the ethical values: Moshes. Pharoah, the Plagues, Exodus, Laws between people, the Mishkan, Amalek, the Golden Calf, Shabbat, and the Mishkan

Torah Resources
"Teach me Torah, Volume 2" - Vicki L Weber
"Let's Discover Shabbat" - Weber and Blumenthal

Shma, Ma Tovu, Torah Torah, Adon Olam, Barchu for Erev Shabbat

History and Israel
The Post-Pesach unit on Israel will focus on cities in Israel