New Building Updates

We have been in our new home for just under 10 months and have been going through normal growing pains. The vast majority of the work is
completed but we are not quite finished. 

We have three major pieces to complete; the Yahrzeit (Memorial) Wall dedicated by Thelma Friedman, The Builders Wall (listing all the capital
campaign donors) and the Dedication Screens (listing the dedications of donors of $18,000 or more). Our goal is to have the Yahrzeit wall installed
by September 2015. There are several trades involved including designers, fabricators, installers and architects. We have put together a very
aggressive schedule to meet our goal. Kudos to Jonathan Berkowitz, for working out a placement plan, for the installation of over 1,200 plaques
on the 2,200 plaque design.

The Builders Wall and Dedication Screens will then be targeted for a December/January completion. Stay tuned for more developments.