Update #11 - April 2012

We had such a build up to our Rezoning hearing at City Hall in February with everyone working at a frantic pace. I thought we would pause for a breather then, but the pace has only intensified. 

We still need to get a development permit, have the rezoning enacted and then apply for a building permit.  After that is received we can actually push a shovel into the ground!

To get all of the above actions completed means:

-   the architects working more feverishly ( and what a wonderful team we work with  at Acton Ostry, led by Mark Ostry with Alex, Mathew and Rafael  rounding out this stellar group),

-    Contracting with 8 primary consultants with expertise on everything from mechanical systems to acoustics

-    Interviewing and hiring a contractor for the project

-    Developing legal agreements and negotiating with the City on things like easements, right-of –ways, community amenities and nine pages of conditions with items as mundane as garbage pick-up and sewers, to more interesting items such as, bikeways, rainwater collection, and energy systems.

-    Agreements and planning with VTT on the underground parkade are also being negotiated and developed

And while the above is going on we are also working out more details with the JCCGV on our temporary home with them, designing the temporary office space that will need to be built and looking at the arrangements with families for their Bnei mitzvah.


The Capital Campaign is still moving forward as our terrific canvassers doggedly pursue their calls to our members. We know we have many members still deciding upon their level of financial support for our dream. We look forward to receiving their support, ensuring a successful Capital Campaign for the Future.


All the volunteers working on this project deserve standing ovations. The senior leadership provided by Gary Averbach, Sam Hanson and Alfonso Ergas has been outstanding. The continuing support and time of our President, Catherine Epstein, has been and is critical for this project’s success.  Shailene, Kerry and Susanne have been so supportive in managing much of the behind the scenes work involved with the administration of the capital campaign, the transition issues for families with simchas and numerous small but important pieces that arise.  Peter Tolensky is proving invaluable, serving as our lawyer, handling the many critical contracts and agreements involved with the redevelopment.


And to our members – this new BI is for you, your families and generations to come -  you are making it  possible.