Update #1 - October 2009

Congregation Beth Israel is applying to the City of Vancouver for a rezoning of our current property.


-         This rezoning process will take 8 – 10 months and at its conclusion we hope that our site will be rezoned to allow us to build a new synagogue.


-         Vancouver Talmud Torah (VTT) is also applying for a rezoning to allow them to expand their capacity and meet the needs of a growing school.


-         BI and VTT will co-operate through the rezoning process with the city to develop a campus concept that will have positive spin-offs for both organizations.


-         Each institution will continue to exercise full control over its property and facilities as well as the capital campaigns that will be needed.


-         During this process we will provide updates and information sessions in various formats to keep our members apprised of our progress.  There will be opportunities to view and comment on the building design when it is developed.


-         At this point in time we are only working to get the city approval for the concept of constructing a new synagogue on our property that will meet our burgeoning needs, ensuring that it fits with the area community plans and have appropriate parking and traffic flow as required by the city.


-         The support of the congregation will be needed to give final approval to a capital fund raising campaign. We believe, as the plans are developed all of us will choose to be involved, in ensuring the legacy of Beth Israel, our congregation  continues to build Jewish engagement.


-         Lorne Cristall and Gary Averbach are co-chairing the Capital Campaign and Sam Hanson is chair of the Site Regeneration Committee working with the firm of Acton /Ostry through the rezoning process.

             “ Comments or Questions” – Please contact shannon@bethisrael.ca

                                                                       Thank you.