Update #6 - November 2010

Air conditioning in the sanctuary, no dripping water from the ceiling of the auditorium, comfortable seating for everyone with proper lighting for services and programs, great gathering place for our youth,  and…
Well - We may be closer than you think!
At the end of September our Board of Directors passed two important resolutions being:
- Approval of a final concept for our rezoning application to the City of Vancouver
- Approval for the preliminary phase of a capital campaign to build a new synagogue for BI

Gary Averbach and Lorne Cristall, our campaign co-chairs, have shifted into high gear. We are confirming our Just Imagine Cabinet to be the core providing the energy and insight needed for the campaign. This cabinet will share the dream of a new BI with major donors, over the next several months, as we develop the financial base for the overall campaign. We expect by late winter we will be in a position to confirm our campaign target and approach. Then in the early spring, the BI membership will gather to approve a general campaign.
As spring begins so does our campaign to build the future of BI.
The role you can play in building that future for you, our children and grandchildren and for generations to come.
The satisfaction, pride and joy you will feel as you walk into your new home, feeling the spirit of Judaism envelope you, as each of us acknowledges, in our own way, that this was a job worth doing and we did it well!
I hope you will come and hear more about Building the Future, at our AGM & Volunteer Recognition Event on December 2, 2010 starting at 7:00 pm.