Grade 3 Curriculum

Hebrew Language:

The class works in reading groups according to individual levels of proficiency with the goal of fluent reading.             


  • Shalom U’Vracha – Behrman House
  • Hineni: Hebrew through Prayer Volume 1 – Behrman House


The students will ponder, personalize and wrestle with the text of the Torah.  They will combine faithful, but accessible translations with thematic connections between the narratives and their own lives.  They will participate in critical-thinking exercises and use their sense of wonder, while studying Biblical stories.

The students will participate in Biblical dialogue by reviewing classic interpretations of text and creating “midrashim” of their own.  The connections between text and core Jewish values help students to personalize the Bible’s lessons.

They will explore the following topics:

  • The Birth of the World
  • Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden
  • My Brother’s Keeper (Cain and Abel)
  • The Man Who Walked with God (Noah)
  • The Impossible Tower (Tower of Babel)
  • Abraham Finds His Way
  • Abraham Speaks Up
  • The Sacrifice
  • Rebecca’s Kindness
  • Twins, Tricks, and Trouble (Jacob and Esau)
  • Jacob’s Discovery (Jacob wrestles)
  • The Dreamer (Joseph)
  • Joseph’s Gift
  • Joseph’s Forgiveness
  • Baby Moses
  • Moses Stands Before God
  • Freedom and the Future (Plagues and the Exodus)


  • The Explorer’s Bible Volume 1 – Behrman House


Rosh Hashanah: Shofar as the symbol of Rosh Hashanah and as aid to Tshuvah, the idea of preparation for Tshuvah in the month of Elul and blessings, a time for self inventory.

Yom Kippur: Atonement: to G-d vs. atonement to other people, the Ashamnu prayer.

Sukkot: Sukkah as the reminder of the desert experiences of ancient Israel and our dependence on G-d, dependence on the harvest, link to eretz Yisrael through lulav and etrog, holiday structure, its practices and observances.

Simchat Torah: Honouring the Torah, mitzvah of studying the Torah daily, significance of Simchat Torah to Jews who were not able to practice their Judaism. 

Hannukah: Importance of the Temple throughout Jewish history, review of the blessings and arrangement and lighting of candles, concept of rededication, Ma’Oz Tsur prayer.

Tu B’Shvat: Introduction of the “Shivat Haminim” (the seven species) and their association with the land of Israel.

Purim: Focus on the Megillah; Matanot La’evyonim (sharing with the less fortunate) and a related class project

Pesach: Exodus, review of the blessings and story, recreating the Pesach experience for ourselves every year review of the 4 questions and possible answers,

Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Lag Ba’Omer, and Shavuot will be included in the Israel Unit.                                                   


  • My Jewish Year – Behrman House


Focus on the history, geography and cultural life for Israeli children of the same age.


  • Welcome to Israel – Behrman House