Grades 5/6 Curriculum

Hebrew Language:

Reading Groups: The class is divided into levels working on their reading fluency.


  • Hineni: Hebrew through Prayer Volume 2 – Behrman House


Between Kindergarten and Grade 4 the students grappled with texts from the Torah.  This year the students will grapple with other texts from the Tanakh (Bible) and they will spend much time delving into primary texts. 

They will explore the following topics:

  • Jonah’s Message
  • Joshua Fights for Freedom
  • Deborah’s Help
  • Samson’s Purpose
  • Ruth’s Choice
  • Samuel and the King (Saul)
  • David’s Friends and Foes
  • David Stands Guilty
  • Solomon Chooses Wisdom
  • Elijah’s challenge
  • Isaiah’s World of Peace
  • Queen Esther Saves the Jews
  • Ezra and Nehemiah Rebuild Jerusalem


  • The Explorer’s Bible Volume 2 – Behrman House

Holidays and Customs:

Students will continue their exploration of the Jewish holidays, through answering critical questions, such as why do we celebrate certain holidays, how do we celebrate them and what mitzvoth are associated with them. 

Lessons will include recipes, family activities and creative opportunities.

For each holiday the students will enrich their understanding by learning Biblical texts, blessings and other primary texts that are associated with the holiday.

Students will learn how they can share each holiday with others and perform mitzvot in honour of each holiday.

Students will learn key Hebrew vocabulary that is related to each holiday.


  • The Best of Jewish Holidays – Behrman House


This year the students will explore the real Israel by learning about Israel’s…

  • Vibrant arts and culture
  • Religious and ethnic diversity
  • Daily security concerns
  • Environmental causes

The students will…

  • Meet innovative Israelis
  • Debate Israel’s responses to its challenges
  • Develop a relationship with the Jewish homeland and its people


  • Experience Modern Israel – Behrman House