Grade 7 Curriculum

Hebrew Language:

Reading Groups: The class is divided into levels working on their reading fluency.


  • Hineni: Hebrew through Prayer Volume 3 – Behrman House


Sefer Devarim ( Deuteronomy): The Justice System

Biographical study of various influential Rabbis and their interpretations of Torah.

Resources: Torah Aurah Lesson Plans

  • “The Jewish Law Review” Volume 2

Holidays and Customs:

Students will rediscover the holidays and then go beyond, learning the excitement of extracting personal meaning from ancient Jewish tradition.

Judaism’s core truths and values – which have endured for thousands of years – understanding the dynamic nature of our tradition – which inspires each new generation to make its own sacred contributions.

Just as our ancient sages created prayers and rituals based on those who came before them – giving us Elijah’s Cup for Passover and the Amidah prayers – so, too, do modern Jews continue to create new traditions, such as Miriam’s Cup and prayers for the modern State of Israel.

Jewish values, such as tzedakah, shalom, and feeding the hungry extend the message of the holiday.  Students plan concrete actions they can take to incorporate the values into their lives.

Interesting facts about customs in different Jewish communities help students appreciate our tradition of diversity.

Quotes from sacred texts, presented in Hebrew and English, illuminate the spirit and meaning of the holidays. 


  • Rediscovering the Jewish Holidays – Behrman House                       


Focus on the Holocaust (the Shoah) and the history of European Jewry and the founding of the modern State of Israel (Ingathering)


  • History of Israel – instant lessons by Torah Aura 
Curriculum Enhancement from Israel via Videoconferencing:

Smadar Goldstein of Jerusalem Educators Technology Solutions (JETS) will be facilitating interactive discussions and assignments for 10 monthly Sunday morning sessions throughout the academic year.