Kindergarten Curriculum

Hebrew Language:  

Mastery and Recognition of Aleph Bet

Dialogues: developing sentences to practice in circle time i.e. “mi ba kitah?”


  • Sam the Detective - Behrman House
  • Vocabulary: 10 Words: from the Siddur (prayer book)

         10 Words from Ethical Values



Rosh Hashanah:  Studying the Jewish calendar, the Jewish Year- link to beginning of the school year. Focus on the home ceremonies: candle lighting, Kiddush, blessing for bread, apples and honey, shofar and machzor, Heshbon Hanefesh (evaluating one’s own life)

Yom Kippur: A holiday that asks us to improve ourselves in the coming year by encouraging “Tshuvah” (change, turning) and making amends for one’s wrongs.  Three customs that help us do Tshuvah: fasting, wearing white, spending the day in synagogue.

Sukkot: Harvest Holiday/Agricultural aspect of the holiday. “Hag versus Hol Ha’Moed”. The 3 major symbols and their blessings: sukkah, lulav, etrog.

Simchat Torah: Place in the Jewish calendar, importance of the Torah for the Jewish people, physical make up of the Torah scroll, geography of the synagogue, visit to the sanctuary with the Rabbi.

Hannukah: mitzvot of Hannukah: reciting the blessings of lighting the candles, the meaning behind the design of the hannukiah. The miracles of Hanukah: what is a miracle? Symbols of Hannukah: sufganiot, draydel, latkes, candles, gifts.

Tu B’Shvat: The meaning behind the two names of the holiday.  Focus on human dependence on plants for food and the role that plants play in beautifying the planet and our responsibility for the trees and plants.

Purim: Introduction to Purim (lots) and the explanation of the concept of leaving things to chance. Narration of Megillat Esther. Mitzvot of Purim: sharing with others as a traditional way of celebrating. Symbols of Purim: graggers, hamantashen, Megillat Esther, masks.

Pesach: Place in the Jewish calendar, preparing the house, the story.  The celebration: the seder, Hagaddah, the four questions, blessings, “Avadim Hayinu,” Elijah, Afikoman, Symbolism of each item on the seder plate.

Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Lag Ba’Omer, and Shavuot will be included in the Israel Unit.


  • Let’s Discover the Holidays – Behrman House


Sefer Shmot ( Exodus)

Shabbat and the Mishkan.

Biblical Stories learned through the themes of the Ethical Values:

    • Moshe, Pharoh, the Plagues, Exodus, Laws between People, Amalek, the Golden Calf, etc.


  • Let’s Discover Shabbat – Behrman House
  • Teach Me Torah Volume 2 – Behrman House       


  • Focus on: Cities in Israel


  • Let’s Discover Israel -  Behrman House