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Videoconferencing from Jerusalem

Exciting New Curriculum Initiative at Beth Israel!


Beth Israel Hebrew School is proud to present a new innovative Grade 5-7 curriculum via videoconferencing from Jerusalem! This customized curriculum enhancement provides enrichment in core subjects, analyzing content, skills and values. The focus on differentiated instruction utilizes technology in Judaic studies.

The Beth Israel will be linking up with JETS( Jerusalem Educators Technology Solutions)  for 10 monthly sessions, throughout the academic year.


The sessions include interactive discussions and assignments on the various topics.

Tikkun Olam, a social action awareness series, introduces innovative social action programs in Israel and examines how such activities can be life changing.

Appreciating the Miraculous explores the concept of "revealed" and "hidden" miracles. Eco-Judaism will focus on concern for ecology in Jewish tradition and our impact on society. The unit on Freedom utilizes the holiday of Pesach, and the modern commemorations of “Yom Ha’Shoah”, “Yom Ha’zikaron”, and “Yom Ha’atzmaut” to understand the powerful lessons of freedom and sensitivity to the "stranger" and the implications for modern life. Through virtual visits to the Shavei Yisrael and Tasfachin organizations, a lens is placed on integrating “olim” from a variety of lands, including China and Ethiopia. Coinciding with “Yom Yerushalayim” Jerusalem – The City that Unites examines the historical attachment of the Jewish people to Jerusalem and its role in unifying the Jewish world. The program concludes with a study of Activism – A Jewish Obligation.


Classes will be delivered through the video conferencing platform located in the BI building that shares classrooms with Vancouver Talmud Torah. We look forward to regularly welcoming Morah Semadar Goldstein from Jerusalem into our Beth Israel classroom!!