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USY, Kadima and Atid

Beth Israel Youth Activities: Vancouver Nitzachon

2016/2017 Pinwheel Region Chapter of the Year!

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United Synagogue Youth (USY) with Kadima and Atid is synagogue youth in action. Leadership opportunities abound as youth participate in recreational, social and educational activities locally as well as with other members across Canada and the United States via conventions, workshops and other regional activities. 
One call to us opens up a universe of activities for your children!

All of Beth Israel's youth groups (Atid, Kadima and USY) foster relationships between Jewish youth in the Lower Mainland through social, religious, social action and Israel programming.

For more information contact Rabbi David Bluman, Director of Youth Engagement: (604)731-4161 ext. 103 or

Our Groups:  

Atid (Grade 4 - 5)

Atid is a youth group for children in Grades 4 and 5. Our focus is fun activities in an exciting and comfortable Jewish setting. Through Atid, your child will develop socially in a Jewish environment and ultimately feel more comfortable at synagogue and the Jewish community. Involvement now will lead to future participation in older youth groups when regular Jewish social interaction may be more difficult. Atid in Hebrew means future, and that is exactly what your children are.

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Kadima (Grade 6 - 8)

Kadima is the international youth organization for Jewish pre-teens. 
Vancouver Kadima is part of the Pacific Northwest (Pinwheel) region of Kadima. On a chapter level, we meet at least once a month and offer a variety of programs. On a regional level, Kadima offers Shabbatons at Camp Solomon Schechter, and our annual Kadima Day, which takes place in a different city across the region every year.

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Beth Israel Youth is Beth Israel's Chai School, USY and synagogue involvement merged into one amazing program! This program is so flexible, it has something for everyone!  Participants will have the opportunity to win amazing prizes and participate in life changing trips and experiences!

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USY (Grade 9 – 12)

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USY is an International organization with over 400 chapters in 17 regions across the United States and Canada. In addition to North America, USY has sister organizations in Israel and Hungry. Nitzachon is the Vancouver chapter of the USY Pacific Northwest (Pinwheel) region.
USY offers the opportunity for you to explore various Jewish and social activities while forming friendships that will last a lifetime!

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Regional USY Activities

On a Regional level, Pinwheel USY connects Jewish teens from Vancouver, Richmond, Victoria, Calgary, Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and the Tri-Cities. 
We are the only region that is American and Canadian. USYers’ enjoy numerous conventions, week long summer encampment, dances, and special programs.

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Additionally, Jewish teens may take advantage of USY's unforgettable summer programs across North America, Israel Pilgrimage, Costa Rica, and Europe. Any paid member of Vancouver USY who wants to go on a USY summer Pilgrimage program is eligible to apply for a scholarship through the Les Harowitz Scholarship Fund.

International USY Activities
USY has an Annual International Convention hosted by a different region every year. Imagine 1,300 Jewish teens taking over an entire city for whole week! International Convention is CRAZY amounts of fun!

For more information on summer programs and International USY events, check out the International USY website