Bal Tashchit

This year we invite our members to be engaged with the mitzvah of Bal Tashchit – preserving the environment.


Our shul is making a conscious effort to protect the environment.  Here are some of the practices that we have taken:


o   Recycle the majority of paper used in the office

o   Use double-sided photocopies wherever possible

o   Request other organizations sending us material to send only as much as will be used

o   Use our website to share information about synagogue happenings and limit our paper communication

o   Send weekly eblasts about upcoming events

o   Reduce watering at the cemetery


This year, we invite and challenge each of our members to choose one or more ways that you can personally make a difference to protecting the environment.  Some suggestions:


o   Drive less (take a bike or public transit)

o   Reduce air travel

o   Give your home an energy efficiency check-up

o   Use water saving devices while showering

o   Buy reusable items that replace disposable items 

o   Avoid using plastics and packaging

o   Recycle – as much as you can!

o   Master the art of composting

o   Choose household cleaning products that avoid chemicals/toxins

o   Buy healthy, sustainably grown food

o   Buy local products wherever possible


Each one of us can make a difference.  Together we can make a big difference.