Post Pesach Pasta Party

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Funds raised through our annual fundraising event support attendance at youth conferences, cover rising costs for our Hebrew School textbooks, and provide leadership training.

Studies have found that Jewish children and teens who are involved in Jewish social and cultural activities are more likely to participate in and have a positive outlook on their community as adults. BI’s youth programming allows our youth to build Jewish connections, develop leadership skills and teamwork. We are building the future of the Jewish community.

Every year, BI subsidizes our youth programming (USY, Kadima, Atid, Hebrew School and Chai School) by thousands of dollars. While BI supports the vast majority of costs for youth events and activities, we need additional funding to ensure the future of these programs.

The proceeds of Beth Israel’s annual Post-Pesach Pasta Party provides some of the additional funds. In 2017 more than 200 members of our community came together to raise more than $8,500 for youth programming at Beth Israel. Funds raised through our 2017 event supported attendance at youth conferences, covered rising costs for our Hebrew School textbooks, and provided leadership training.

Each of our events have had a silent auction, live entertainment and a delicious homemade pasta meal.

2018’s Post Pesach Pasta Party will be on Sunday, April 8. We hope to see you there!