Recordings and Resources:

Recordings and Resources

April 12, 2021 Click Here -Chancellor Schwartz – Where Does the Jewish Future Begin?

March 9, 2021 Click Here – Ilana Kurshan – Author – If all the seas were ink

February 25, 2021 Click Here – Purim Pandem-onium: The Show must go on…zoom!

February 16, 2021 Click Here – Dr. Henry Abramson – Dean of Touro College – Becoming People of the Byte

February 3, 2021 Click Here – Zoom & Learn With Rabbi Hurtig, Rabbi Solomon’s Grandson

January 28, 2021 Click Here – An Intelligent discussion about food security with experts in supply chain challenges, the importance of good food and impacts and issues facing the Jewish Community in Vancouver Panelists: Dr. Tammara Soma, Dr. Eleanor Boyle, Kyrstine Mcinnes, Mara Shnay & Cindy Mcmillan Moderator. Bernard Pinsky

January 28, 2021 Click Here – Family Cooking Event with Hilit Nurick and Rabbi Stephen Berger

January 20, 2021 Click Here – Zoom & Learn with Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft, Africa’s Travelling Rabbi – Ancient Jewish Wisdom and Current Affairs

January 6, 2021 Click Here  – Zoom & Learn Rabbi Josh Heller with Rabbinacal Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards talking about the approved use of Zoom and other platforms on Shabbat and Holidays.

Past Recording of Services, Lectures, 5 Minutes of Torah can be found at the Beth Israel Congregation YouTube Chanel see link below.