Getting Involved

We are a close community, and any community is at its best when it helps and supports one another. Congregation Beth Israel offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for all ages. We'll work with and support you as you explore the richness and opportunities that Jewish life provides.  

General Volunteering: Our members provide the lay leadership that is critical to our future growth and development. We need volunteers for all aspects of Shul life such as stuffing envelopes, baking hamentashen, planning programs, welcoming people at services, leading services, calling on the sick, sourcing out prizes for auction etc.

Committees: Make a difference at your Shul and join a committee! We believe it's important for us to hear your opinions and how better to do this than by joining a committee. From ritual to finance we have a wide range of committees to choose from.

Kurdish Syrian Refugee Family Project: Click Here for more details

SO YOU WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Take a moment to tell us a bit about yourself so we can better suggest activities that may be of greater interest to you.
Send us an e-mail ( with your name, address and phone as well as the best time to contact you.

List your Volunteer Availability: 
  • Weekly available 1 to 2 hours 
  • More than twice monthly 
  • More than several times a year 

List your Times Preferred: Day / Evening/ Sunday

  • being on a general committee 
  • direct service work for a program 
  • working independently on a task

List your interest areas:

  • list a committee 
  • type of activity 
  • anything 
Its that simple!!

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