Bris (Circumcision):

A bris (also called a brit milah) takes place on the eighth Jewish day after the birth of a baby boy (i.e. a baby born on a Tuesday during the daytime will have a

bris on the following Tuesday). The ceremony officially ushers the child into the covenant of the Jewish people. A bris can be delayed if the baby is not healthy enough to undergo the procedure. A bris is usually performed by a mohel with the assistance of one of our rabbis. Click here to learn more about the bris ceremony.

Baby Naming/Simchat Bat – (Baby Naming for Girl):

A simchat bat or baby naming for a girl can take place during a Torah service at Synagogue or as a private event, either at the synagogue or at another selected location. Our Rabbis would be delighted to custom build a service for you based on your preferences. To learn more or to book a Rabbi please contact Tovah Carr at 604-731-4161 x 101 or e-mail her at

Pidyon HaBen (redemption of a first born son):

Jewish tradition mandates a ceremony in which first-born Jewish males (those who are the first to “open the womb” of their mother) are “redeemed” from the service of the ancient priests. It is usually a ceremony in which someone who is believed to be a descendant from the priestly class (a cohen) symbolically releases the child back to his parents. Click here to learn more.

We invite you to celebrate your simcha with Beth Israel. Our Rabbis are able to to officiate at the Synagogue or at your personal residence. If a simcha takes place on Shabbat, a ceremony during Torah service can be organized. We will work with the family to provide aliyot to the Torah for the family. After the event we encourage families to sponsor the congregational Kiddush lunch.

For more details or to book your simcha contact Tovah Carr at 604-731-4161 x 101 or e-mail at