Our goals and philosophy of education at BI Hebrew School:


We recognize that Jewish learning is a lifelong process. Our goals are:

  • To provide an environment rich in resources and experiences for parents to learn.
  • To help parents model the importance of Jewish learners by becoming learners themselves.
  • To inspire and encourage families to view year round Jewish rituals and observances as a framework for strengthening families.
  • To encourage parents and children’s engagement in Jewish learning.
  • Learning about Jewish values of social justice and doing activities to promote these values.

We hold many events during the year where families come together to celebrate holidays, shabbat, havdallah and more. Ask any student, parent or staff member what is so unique about the Hebrew School and you will hear variations of the same answer: The environment is warm homey and nurturing. Kids love coming and teachers love working here because they know they are all valued and contribute to our vibrant learning community.