Dear Jewish Community Member

 Subject:  Does the Jewish community count?



Your invitation to participate in the online #2021Census will arrive in the mail on May 3rd. The Government of Canada uses census information to plan community programs and services related to employment, public transit, schools, hospitals, and more.

The last census underreported Jewish Canadians by a large margin, impeding Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver and all Canadian Federations’ ability to address important issues we all care about, such as antisemitism, security, housing, healthcare, and fighting poverty.

One in every four census questionnaires is the long-form version and will include questions on ethnicity (Question 23) and religion (Question 30). So that the perspectives of Jewish Canadians are reflected in public policy, and to ensure we receive our share of programs and services, it is important for Jewish Canadians to be recognized by the Government of Canada as a thriving, growing, and engaged community.

If it is important to you to be counted as Jewish, then write “Jewish” in responding to Question 23, Question 30, or both! On question 23, which pertains to ethnicity, you can include multiple answers, for example “Russian” and “Jewish” or “Moroccan” and “Jewish.”

The Census is primarily online this year. If you want to help someone in your family who struggles with technology or who has limited access to it, we encourage you to reach out to them.

The Census is easy to fill out and is completely confidential. Make sure that your household is counted!

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