By Jean Gerber and Jonathan Berkowitz




We are developing a series of articles for Beth Israel members about the holidays. They provide the rhythm of a Jewish year and the signposts in a Jewish life. On the surface, the holidays are well known. But we will scratch that surface and dig a little deeper with informative, thought-provoking explanations and commentary.


For example, what is the logic behind the Jewish calendar and why does it seem so mysterious? Why does it feel that the holidays just sneak up on us? When does the year begin? At Rosh Hashanah or at Passover (Pesach)? Which holidays appear in the Torah, and which were developed afterwards?


Over the coming year, we will write and release articles, in time for each holiday. We hope they will add to your knowledge and enjoyment to make the holidays more meaningful and fulfilling for you.


We begin with Pesach, the first of the three Pilgrimage Festivals—the others are Shavuot and Sukkot. In Temple times they were celebrated with much ceremony, sacrifices, and scads of pilgrims crowding into Jerusalem.


We hope you enjoy the first, and all the rest, of the articles.

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