About Beth Israel

From a meeting in 1932 of a small number of families, a major conservative synagogue was born.

Did the founders know then that the Congregation they gave birth to would number over 700 families and come to occupy a key position in the life of Jews in the lower Mainland? 

Whatever the founders may have dreamed might happen, that night they showed courage, dedication and belief in themselves, their community and their Jewish life to commit to forming a new congregation. And as Beth Israel has grown and changed over the many years it still relies upon its members and leaders to have the courage of their convictions to take the steps to ensure that Beth Israel continues to grow and adapt to changing circumstances and environments so that it will continue to be an important and relevant institution in the life of the Jewish community. 

The members of Beth Israel still have dreams and our congregation will help in realizing them, as we celebrate together our life cycle events and those of our people, in prayer and ritual, and gathering through all manner of events that will strengthen and improve our lives and the lives of those in our family and community and those in Israel. 

   Our Mission Statement

    Congregation Beth Israel, member of the United Synagogue of Conservative
    Judaism, is dedicated to the strengthening of all aspects of Jewish life,
    including worship and Torah study, religious, educational and
activities for all ages, and the observance of life cycle events.

   Beth Israel is committed to: 

  • Promotion of the principles of the United Synagogue 
  • Observance, study and daily expression of Jewish customs, values and beliefs 
  • Enhancement of one’s own spirituality 
  • Provision of proper facilities and rituals for the observance and celebration of members’ life cycle events such as births, b’nai mitzvah, weddings and deaths 
  • Continuation and enhancement of a strong and vibrant Jewish community 
  • Active pursuit of tzedakah within the community 
  • Development and enhancement of our ties with Israel and Jewish people everywhere