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Atid Chapter Events 2017-2018:

Sunday, September 10 – BBQ Kickoff
Sunday, October 22 – Pizza and Hallah: a social action project
Saturday, November 18 – Soar Through the Sky with Schechter and BI: Extreme Air Park
Saturday, December 16 – Hanukkah Movie Night
Sunday, January 14 – Snowtubing
Saturday, February 17 – Bowling
Sunday, April 22 – Rockn’ with Atid: Rock Climbing
Sunday, May 27 – TBD

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Atid is a youth group for those in Grades 4 and 5. Our focus is fun activities in an exciting and comfortable Jewish setting. Atidnicks will develop socially in a Jewish environment and ultimately feel more comfortable at synagogue and the Jewish community. Involvement now will lead to future participation in older youth groups when regular Jewish social interaction may be more difficult.

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